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Second batch of prompts, one more to follow...
Slight scripting in places


Tullia intercepted him on the way to the camp and said urgently “I had more wolf-dreams, Manius…..”.

It had not been long at all since he would have laughed this off, his thoughts still trapped by who she had been all those years ago.

Tullia the trickster, the clown, the troublemaker. The mocking title of ‘the wise’ always bringing a laugh from the collegium.

This time he listened and listened well. A hard lesson had been learned and he wasn’t fool enough to make the same mistake twice.

Tullia of Mercury, Tullia the Wolf, Tullia the Seer.....Tullia the Wise...

Old enemies and new friends
The huge claw is resting over his shoulder, pulsing and twitching oddly. “I was so wrong, I failed Rome…” Appia whispers. He grasps her arm and speaks of days past, of crimes and betrayals, uncertainty and of making the least bad choice. Two monsters together, who better to understand and explain to her the path forward?

Wolf Bites

“May I speak with you of Tullia and Caius?” Manius said. As he stands alone in the presence of this quicksilver god, who is showing the faintest hint of an amused smile, he is painfully aware of not being remotely clever enough for this conversation. “Well then, do this with my blessing….” had been the outcome.

Later there is lucidity in the eyes of the lycanthrope as Manius tries to reach the man behind the rage of the wolf. Dark flecks swirl around the dilated pupils, betraying the bloodlust that is rising, but calm and steady words seem to drive it back. For long moments it holds before the howl and the flash of jaws…

The physician cries out in horror as they pull a razor sharp tooth from the wound, an unexpected find on their first visit to Atlantis. He can tell that Nux can see the lattice work of old scars surrounding this wound. “I’ll live, I’m used to it” Manius says, before laughing as he realises what now counts as normal. In the steam of the bathhouse, the attendants work to put back in place the muscles and joints wrenched out of place by lupine strength.

Maybe next time..


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